The Unique Role of a Physician Liaison

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physician-liaisonTo create the best possible link between the needs of patients and physicians, referrals are needed to address specific medical conditions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. A physician liaison provides the crucial connection between doctors and facilitates these relationships. A physician liaison acts as a personal communication link between a physician and his or her office staff. The duties of a physician liaison are varied, and may include:

  • Introducing physicians to new physician specialists who will help their patients stay close to home for their healthcare needs.
  • Bringing any issues or concerns that physicians may have back to the hospital staff in order to improve the continuum of care for the physicians’ patients.
  • Informing physicians of new technologies and specialty services that will help physicians better serve their patients.

The information that a physician liaison gathers from the physician community is key in the strategic planning process of any hospital or health care center. It allows the staff behind the scenes to continuously improve patient services and programs as they innovate future of healthcare in the United States. The duties a physician liaison performs are beneficial to both the doctor and hospital staff, but more importantly: the patients themselves. Below are some common characteristics shared by many physician liaisons.

What We Provide for You

Your physician liaison serves as your personal contact to provide updates, offer expertise or pass along information about issues or concerns that need immediate attention. The information gathered by our physician liaison staff is used in the evaluation and planning of your health care center’s services and programs. Your input is a key component in this strategy.

The main duty of a physician liaison is to create and implement plans to match medical needs with appropriate resources. The physician liaison must thoroughly research the requirements of a medical facility or community, and assist medical professionals in meeting these patient needs.

Physician liaisons develop mutually attractive solutions for both the physician and the hospital. Therefore, a physician liaison posses knowledge of emerging medical trends and technologies required. The  overall goal of the physician liaison is to create the closest possible link between physician and his or her  health care center, and the physician liaison. By sitting down with one of our physician liaisons, we can make sure you are armed with the necessary knowledge to make the best informed decision when deciding where to send your patient.