The Growing Need for an Effective Doctor Referral Service

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doctor referralOur doctor referral service fulfills your HIPAA compliance requirements in meeting the needs of referring your callers to healthcare professionals and the community service programs you provide. Our doctor referral service will  unlock new opportunities for you to be even more responsive to your customer needs.

What our Doctor Referral Service Does

Think of the doctor referral service we provide as an extension of your staff with the ability to manage all or part of your doctor referral service and class registration needs, while simultaneously providing information to callers and prospective patients about your other community service programs. Our doctor referral service team extends your reach to the community by taking your calls and overflow volume into the evening hours and during holidays and weekends. This will give your staff more flexibility to manage other day-to-day activities in support of your healthcare organization demands, while we take care of the integral doctor referral service needs. When you commit to our doctor referral service group, we will give you the building blocks for all your doctor referral needs. We will maintain the comprehensive database for you and give you access via the Internet, whenever and wherever you need to.That means you’ll have access to our doctor referral activities, class rosters and reports that are up-to-date with the last posted call. And, our system will prepare confirmation letters on doctor referrals made that can be printed directly at your office. We’ll also offer you a “hyperlink” from your sebsite to the physician database for web-based doctor referrals.

How our Doctor Referral Service Team Can Make Your Life Easier

Using caller-defined criteria, our doctor referral service team utilizes our doctor referral search engines to quickly identify multiple doctors, access physician information, and map multiple office locations to help your caller find the perfect physician match.
During a doctor referral call, we provide consumers with:

  • Physician details that include education, certifications, and clinical specialties.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to relevant physician offices and facilities.
  • The ability to schedule an appointment or be transferred to a physician’s office.
  • Follow up fulfillment, including confirmation letters, emails, or other materials.

In addition to providing physician information, our doctor referral service team can help you cross-promote classes, events, or other relevant services based on data collected during the call — enabling you to get the most out of each consumer engagement. The bottom line is that our doctor referral service group engages your staff and patients in all of the necessary behind-the-scenes activities, allowing you to focus on what you do best: help people.